3 way to Download free Indian email id database: 100% Free without paying anything

On internet you are a lucky if you can able to download free Indian email id database. I have tried to download some free Indian email id database but after searching almost for a 3 Hours I quit and failed to download database in free. I just need a very few databases like you for beginning my email marking trip. But most of them are asking money to purchase crore of database. So in this article I am going show how to find and Download free Indian email id database? So let’s get stared→


Why need free Indian email id database?

If you are new or just want to start a email camping for trail purpose then you should go for free email id database, it’s better to avoid to paying thousands of money for your very first campaign. After getting free database you can make a A\B test on your first email campaign, if get success then you can buy a professional plan on any paid email id database provider in India.

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Why we don’t find any free Indian email id database to download from internet?

If you search for free Indian email id database, they you get confused that no one can offer you to download it in free. After view those websites, you will redirected to their payment getaway page or plan pricing page. It’s a nothing but marking tricks. So forget them and use our website to download free database for your marketing success.

So, how to download free Indian email id database from Internet without paying anything?

Let me come to the point, Here we have 3 Tricks to show you how we manage to download free email id database without paying a single money to someone.

Use Bulk Email ID database collecting Tools:

The best and effective way to download database using a Email ID database collecting Tools. We have some free tools just download and install them into your pc. Please note that the software will work on specified keyword or you need to provide any link, directory , classified website or any other forum to extract database. After collecting those data you can process to extract your database. After running those software’s for 3 or 4 days you have more than 2-3 lacks fresh database to start your campaign. Let move to the next level, we have add all database collected from quikr.com hope you enjoy. As we have strong server so its take only 5 hours to collect more than 3 lacks fresh database from quikr.com

Start a Blog to getting Newsletter subscription:

Another smart and successful way to download email id as per your business niche is to start up a blog, offer you’re visitor to download free eBook and collect their email preference. I have recently worked some of project like that and get lot a success they I expect.

Asked your fellow blogger for donating a copy of their subscriber data:

Do you have a friend with a popular blog on your business niche? Simple asked him/her to send a copy of entire email id list of those people who are already subscribing with! I paid some hosting charges to many of my friends and get some useful email id database from them. The major benefits to collect those databases are their accuracy rates is 99.9%. If any blogger mind to provide data as per their customer privacy, you can ask them to make a paid campaign from their website. It’s a two way understanding for you two.

Hope you like my trick to Download free Indian email id database! Let share your experience by commending below, we have very small gift for you after subscribing or commenting you can get the download link of more than 3 lacks fresh database from quikr.com. Cheers 🙂

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