7 ClixSense strategy that Make Money upto $1000 Monthly Earning (Earning Tips)

Anyone who working in best PTC website must know about Clixsense! If you read  Clixsense Reviews a dozen of blog saying that they are earning thousands of dollar from Clixsense. But they thing goes wrong when you try it by yourself. You can make even a $1 from Clixsense! So are those bloggers are lying? No really actually it’s possible to make $1000 from Clixsense but with only real Clixsense strategy. After earning $100 I have been asked thigh Clixsense chat How I did? So here is the answer-

6 Real Clixsense strategy to make $1000 that used to my blog:


1. Must be a Premium member:

Planning to build Clixsense strategy 2017, before you get started  You Must be a Premium member. Now you can pay $17 and make your Clixsense standard member to a premium member. Clixsense premium member has lots of befits like-

You will earn $0.10-$1.00 commission on each referral.

New Pay per Click will be $0.001 to $0.02 wherein standard plan you get only $0.001

Here is a complete detail why you should upgrade your plan to Clixsense premium.

Premium Sign up offer: Join here

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2. Refer 10 people daily:

To be frank I have been making $100 dollar not by viewing ads but I refer almost 1500+ people in last 1 year and my ultimate target is to refer to list 10 people to join Clixsense. As I have very strong downline network into my Clixsense (Join our Clixsense downline and earn more)so I manage to get  $0.10-$1.00 on an average referral.

3. Join Clixsense Team EMS:

If want to know how to earn money in Clixsense fast ? then Build Clixsense downline network. If you work along you can hardly refer 10-50 people in a  year, so why not use our Clixsense referral link and join our real Clixsense strategy. This is how you will be a part of India’s largest Clixsense EMS group.


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4. Start a blog and Put banner:


As I am a pro earner in Clixsense so I have a lot of informative article about Clixsense. So I put them on the blog. This way I will make a lot of organic traffic from Google and yahoo. Online blogging is not only a #1 way to make money but blog and versatile way to utilize its money as like Clixsense.

So if you are looking for real Clixsense strategy then start a blog from here, put some quality content on it. As soon as you will start receiving traffic you can earn money from Clixsense banner and other affiliate marketing strategy.

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5. Help people to from Clixsense chat:


Don’t just take rest after posting few article about Clixsense, why not use your Clixsense tricks and tips over Clixsense live chat and prove that you are genuine PTC master on the internet. People will trust you and next time if refer another PTC website like Neobux (Clixsense Alternative) they don’t hesitate to join.

6.Comment on PTC blog:

Commenting on the blog and putting your affiliate line is another Clixsense strategythat you can use. First of all, copy your Clixsense referral link and choice it using URL shorter site. (URL Shorten How to Earn money from URL Shorter site?)

7. Buy banner ads space:

Another awesome Clixsense strategy that always works. Open Google and search for Make money online in free. Now skip the to 20 and find less popular blog those are not yet ranked well on Google. This is a blog where you can buy banner ads space.

It will be an amazing deal if you can manage to buy banner ads space @$15 on a blog which getting a 1000+ page per day with making money online free keyword.

Now it’s your turn, let me know how you are utilizing your Clixsense earning with my Clixsense strategy. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to Clixsense premium account [discounted offer] from here.

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