How to start ad clicking jobs without investment in India?

Answering this question of How to start ad clicking jobs without investment in India is not an easy task. But you can do this click jobs without any investment or registration fees, Yes its true. Let get started to discover how! These are home based jobs available in the internet. These jobs are mostly available for free of cost. You will have to just do a free Registration or Sign Up and start clicking and viewing ads online and getting your payment.


If you love to surf in the Internet then this might be the suitable job for you. You can earn money just by clicking the online ads by visiting the websites provided by the advertisers.

Other names for these jobs are online clicking jobs and paid to click ads jobs.

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How does the company pay the workers for their ad clicking job?

Advertisers usually pay lot of money to Website Owners for promoting their business and establishing their Company name. These websites owners intern share this income with you giving you the opportunity to earn money by clicking the advertiser’s ads. This is done by viewing the ads from 10 seconds to about 30 seconds. You don’t have to pay any fees or purchase anything from these advertisers. These jobs usually come free of cost but you have the chance to upgrade your membership to enhance your chance of more income like doubling your money per ad click (but this is entirely optional and it’s up to you to upgrade).


The working hours for this kind of job are very flexible. You can work at anytime as per your convenience. There are no fixed hours and you are free to click as many ads as you can per day. Your earning mainly depends on the more number of sites you visit and the more time you spend clicking ads and there is no limit for your earning.

Most of these companies pay you promptly for your work. However there can exist some scams in this ad clicking jobs also. Workers need to be careful in choosing the companies they want to work.

Basic requirements to join these kinds of jobs: As far as education is concerned you don’t need to have any degree or any high education for this job, any schooling education with basic knowledge of English and the ability to access the internet is enough for doing this job.

Most of the advertising website companies will send ads by email only. Some companies usually have a separate member page for their members. The members need to have valid email id and proper internet connection for working.


The numbers of Ads to click per day may vary for different companies. Some companies may send more number of ads than others. You need to login to your account and click the ads one by one and stay in the ads page for about  10 to 30 secs.

As far as payment method is concerned, Most of the websites pay you either in PayPal; Cheque etc.

Clixsense is an example websites that pay you in cheque.

The payment for the ads you click may vary for different advertisers.

There are websites which has very low payout as few cents and other who can pay you in $. E.g. $1, $2, $3 or $5 etc. Some websites pay out instantly and others may take few days or weeks for payment.

You have to note that these methods of earning money online are usually slow and it’s not a go get quick rich scheme.

Most of the Online Ad Clicking Websites allow both national as well as international members to join this job and many of these websites allow Indian members for these jobs.

You need to have only one person registered with an account for this job and multiple accounts are not allowed.

You can refer your friends, relatives’, colleagues or anyone who is willing to earn money online and receive commission or bonus for recruiting them in this kind of jobs. This creates an opportunity for earning extra income.

Regarding the scam that can exist in these kinds of jobs: Workers need to be careful in these kinds of jobs as some advertising companies may ask for upfront fee from workers and this fee may be collected for maintenance/fee for maintaining the trust between workers and the companies. The companies usually can promise to refund this fee after your 3 or 4 payouts, so the workers need to be careful in choosing these companies before paying any kind of upfront amount.


How to start ad clicking jobs without investment in India?

You can search on google for ad clicking jobs without investment but its nothing but a waste of time any money. No one are going provide this click as free. but you can you use affiliate marketing on clixsense to get this jobs free. Else you can contact CYBER EXPO for 10-15 free ad clicking jobs without investment account. Hurry.

In general online ad clicking jobs are a great and easy way to earn extra money without much risk of Initial Investment.

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