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Before I tell you more about ad posting sites, let me provider you a deference between ad posting sites and classified sites.

Ad posting sites are some targeted classified websites Manson by ad posting jobs Provider Company. You have post your ads according to instruction.

But classified websites may any websites having feature of free or paid ad posting. So All classified sites may not be ad posting sites (According to ad posting jobs Provider Company) but all ad posting sites is a classified websites.

For example and are both classified websites for posting ad in Delhi and Kolkata. But the fact is depending on ad posting jobs Provider Company. If the target their ad posting campaign only Delhi people   then is approved as ad posting sites but as is not targeting Delhi People so that it marked as N on as posting sites.


 Ad Posting Sites Methodology:

Most of the ad posting jobs Provider Company has their own method to find classified websites for their freelancer works.

Sometime may be approved by Company A but the same classified websites may be not approved by other company like Company B.

You can find some best ad posting jobs provider company review form here.

How to find ad posting sites?

Finding an ad posting sites may sometime difficult for everyone. You must know the criteria for it. First read the T&C form ad posting jobs Provider Company and use classified collecting software form CYBER EXPO to extract the classified websites list for ad posting jobs. You can get the entire classified websites list approved by your posting jobs Provider Company. It’s easy and user friendly tool for ad posting works.


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Some ad posting sites list collected by – Magic Free Classified collecting Software:

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