Interview with Anirban Karmakar Interview from Anirban Karmakar is a True online Jobs Provider Company in India. Let meat Anirban Karmakar CEO of CYBER EXPO. How they manage Their Business and working methodology ! Interview Interview meat the CEO:

Anirban Karmakar is a CEO and Co-founder of CYBER EXPO- form 2008. is most trusted and reputed online jobs provider websites. CYBER EXPO now offering Data Entry Jobs, ad posting jobs and SEO jobs and more. Hence is part of a Business of CYBER EXPO. Except online jobs CYBER EXPO has more than 32 online services for Internet subscriber.

Let meat Anirban karmakar who is Currently CEO of CYBER EXPO Read the conversation with Anirban Karmakar.

As Introduction is a part of our Interview, let me know something about you!

I am Anirban karmakar , CEO of CYBER EXPO currently. I believe customer satisfaction is the success of any Business, I forcing 100% of my focus to build a good relation with my customer. Our Business websites is and our official websites is We achieve ISO Certificate for our award winning quality management system.

Tel me about

What is your working hours in ?

I work here form 09:30am to 06:30 pm, most of the time I am busy to serve my existing customer who are working online jobs in CYBER EXPO.

What will be the tips to get started an online job?

Well it’s a difficult question to answer; Lots of websites demanding jobs online bet very few are real. So as a CEO in CYBER EXPO, I recommend to Join CYBER EXPO. According to my knowledge Except CYBER EXPO there are 5 more company are also provide payment on time. But for marketing purpose I don’t want to take the name.

Do you think anyone can earn money in online in a short time?

Nope, you have to work hard and make focus on your online jobs. Lots of people are tried to find out a short cut key to earn more money by spending 1 or 2 hours. But it’s not possible. Online jobs are not a Microsoft Computer for using short cut to work fast. My tips is don’t use short by losing your money work hard in and get success in Internet.


 Can anyone start Business with CYBER EXPO-

Sure why not? We are looking for Branch all over the India. We have already start business in Bangladesh, Napal, Jaipur hope soon we will reach every city of India. If anyone Plan to start a True business in online it’s a better to take the hand of CYBER EXPO.

How many works are currently working in

Its almost 500 on closing of March 2014 we are not providing any user date still you can check their payment information from our websites. All payment are generated and made by ICICI Corporate banking. Even you can check the payment ID validation form your nearest ICICI Branch.

Which is most popular Plan for ad posting jobs in CYBER EXPO?

It’s Smart A, I really love this plan it has daily work daily payment @ Rs-6.00 per ad posting. You need to work every day and send posting report on [email protected] , your payment will be made on every evening into your register bank account. For my reader I add a Discount code: INTERVIEW2015SAP apply it when you join to

How CYBER EXPO manage to get ISO Certificate?

After going through audit conducted by recently at our end on 2014, we are successfully maintaining the QMS system and continually improve by updating records at all level , We got an ISO 9001-2008 Certificates . We are continuing manage our Product Quality and Customer satisfaction according to our level best.

What about you’re thought on Online Jobs?

Online jobs are very risky you know, I am very afraid about online jobs scam almost 300 plus websites are scamming people every day. A bad choice of an online jobs seeker can waste their money. I want to advice the online jobs seeker that please verify about any websites legit before join or just asked for advice to [email protected] we will help you to choice a better company for your online works.

How to manage your freelancer works for payment?

We use ICICI bank and State Bank of India. All payment are earned form our ad publisher, we are providing 80% revenue to our freelancer works.

You know most of the online ad posting jobs provider company show cheque payment but is a big symbol of fake. We are always using Hot payment get and Bulk Txn Method to made any payment to our freelancer. For customer satisfaction we now offer ARTPP( Advance Real Time Payment Proof ) Any one can see existing user payment flow form our bank portal.

Did you provide any agreement paper after Join in CYBER EXPO?

Sure why not? , Let legit to CYBER EXPO, We always provide an agreement between employee and employer.

Tel me about your CRM Tools?

For Copyright protection, we don’t want provide any information regarding our CRM system.

What is role of Google on Your Business?

We are not using Google advertising hence all the earning are came from classified advertising. And some other affiliate marketing source.

Do you have any more income source?

Yes but we don’t provide any business information to other.

Did CYBER EXPO run with any Resource limitation while distributing online jobs?

Yes, as per our work contact we distribute our work. But the resource is limited. We always make a balance between our work resource and freelancer recruitment.

Is that same on Resource limitation of other service?

We hosting and web designee have no resource limited but any Online Jobs form CYBER EXPO may be limited for Jobs seeker its depend on our work capability.

What is Affiliate Marketing in CYBER EXPO? How much anyone can earn here?

Affiliate jobs are a marketing base work. Lots of UK base websites offer affiliate link but it’s quite herd to earn money as well as PayPal account setup are also difficult. CYBER EXPO introduces easy affiliate jobs for everyone. If you have any blog or having lots of fan in Facebook or twitter then its your turn to earn money from your blog or social media traffic.

Did your providing free online Jobs?

Sorry to say all our Online jobs are required registration fees.

What is the reason to take the registration fees?

The reason for collecting the Registration fees is for Consultancy Charge ,Online Training ,Account activation , Account maintenance, Online Support – a complete support like phone support, chat support, email support and also for cross checking the reports submitted by the members every month and collection expenses to collect payment from client by our executives.

What is the future plan of CYBER EXPO?

We will be glad when CYBER EXPO covers each and every city of India via Google Search. And we will soon launch a program name CYBER EXPO Plus while people can earn money direct form Google a adsense by our Training.

Have you faced any obstacles in beginning of CYBER EXPO?

We have faced some hacking issue on our server on 2014. Still then we have nothing to highlight.

Did you face Any more Interview form another websites?

Nope its my First Review as Interview , i really like to answer those question , Its will help our freelancer workers to know more about us.

All right let our reader know something about you , describe us your personal life:

Ok, Anirban Tel me about your Previous Study before Join CYBER EXPO –

I am computer science student and done MCA form India. As is my best subject form Collage life and still am studding SEO form Internet.

Do you have any other websites for blog?

Not yet but I plan to start an SEO consultancy for my online reader.

What is your Ideal Person for living life?

We love to follow Swami Vikakanda , We believe in hard work and customer satisfaction.

You’re Hobby?

I don’t have any special hobby but I like read new think about better computing technology.

How can our reader can contact with you?

Call our customer care number 07585 04 04 04 / 08145 04 04 04 or send email to [email protected]


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