Payment Proof form 1 Year old User Experience Payment Proof  form 1 Year old User Experience – CYBER EXPO is one of the best online jobs provider company in India. For a New freelancer it’s quite heard to decide whether to join CYBER EXPO or not, everyone expect to talk with some of user who are already working with and get payment regularly.

So in this article we are sharing a true interview with a User who is currently working for from last 12 month.

Let see what he tells us about work experience in CYBER EXPO?

Let’s meat Amit Bhatiani who is working on ad posting jobs in CYBER EXPO-

Amit, How long time did you work from

I Join on 01st  Feb 2014, from that day to still today I working in CYBER EXPO. It’s a great experience to share my opinion to everyone about my works as an ad posting jobs.

Do you work as full time or just it’s a Part time works for you?

Well I have full time jobs so I don’t provide enough time for ad posting jobs, still I manage to post 900-1000 classified ad per month. I work regularly on night and my wife also helps me to do so.

Can you please tell me about your Jobs in

I Select a monthly payment STARTER PLAN (REG FEES Rs- 3,300/-) while starting my ad posting jobs on CYBER EXPO I complete it successfully and getting handsome payment every month. Then I applied for EXPERT PLAN (REG FEES Rs- 6,100/-) and soon it will be expired. On every renew of any account in you will get 15%-25% off on registration fees depending on your reword point an affiliate income.

How much payment you get per month from

As I told you before that I am not working fulltime in still me and my wife manage to earn 9,000 INR to 12,000 INR including affiliate earning. Soon I plan to take a franchisee office for better result.

How can you review to everyone who is willing to join as a freelancer?

Almost 500 websites are demanding to provide real online jobs but very few are real, CYBER EXPO is one of the best online jobs provider company from India. I recently visit their West Bengal office and it was pleasure to talk with them.

Can you want to share some tips to work smoothly with

Yes, remember to use ad posting money making package, work enthusiastically. Always take help from customer care and use high speed internet to do work fast.

According to you, which plan is best to start?

If you are fresher’s in online jobs then you can start with any of Trail Plan or for quick result about service you can Join Smart A or Smart B for get impact on Daily payment. I recommended starting with “Smart A” if you have good knowledge of internet and computer tech. Hence Trail Plan also better to start small and upgrade later.

 Do you using any ad posting software for work faster?

I purchase ad posting money making package from You can use this tools and software with free classified websites list to get impact in your works.

Apart from ad posting jobs did have any more Jobs are active in CYBER EXPO?

Not actively but I use to earn passive money by their affiliate program. It’s a very easy nothing to do much , just need to share the affiliate link and wait for anybody’s hits on your affiliate link. Its paid me Rs- 0.50 INR to Rs-3.00 INR on every click made by someone.

Let us show the screenshot of your monthly payment that you get from CYBER EXPO?

Payment that achieved by Amit Bhatiani from (update monthly) payment Proof:

Including – March 2014 , April 2014 , May 2014 , June 2014 , July 2014 payment proof march payment proof payment Proof:

Including – September 2014 , October 2014 , November 2014 payment Proof payment Proof:

Including- December 2014


February 2015


Friend I am still working with this company and I have no issue or delay to get my monthly payment. For user satisfaction I update all my payment screenshot when I get it from

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