Automatic ad posting software

Automatic Ad Posting Software

Automatic Ad posting software – No More Copy Paste

Automatic ad posting software

Looking for Automatic ad posting software? you might be confused by seen lots of advertising and YouTube video about ads software! Let forget all, Here CYBER EXPO introduce and Automatic ad posting software that has highest success rate while posting free or premium classified ads.  If you are doing ad posting jobs then you might be bored by doing copy paste. No more copy paste ever, use automatic ad posting software and post your ad faster!! In a normal way, you can post 8 to 12 classified ad in an hour. Maybe you can increase the ad posting speed if you have pr-registration on every classified website. But the most important is to go an automatic way. Like everyone knows that ad posting jobs are like 70% Copy paste and 30 % Mouse click (for a choice radio button or select some option given by the classified websites) or some time you need to click on some button to goes in next page for further process. Take a long breath. We have the ultimate solution. – “CYBER EXPO” – Now offers an ad posting software that can post an ad almost in one or two minutes.

Buy Automatic Ad Posting Software Now!

The Automatic ad posting software can help you to post 30-45 classified ads in an Hours. Ask a Quote now or check the demo here.

Buy Automatic Ad Posting Software Now!

Why Use ads software in ad posting jobs?

Everyone has a value of time! Everyone wants to save their time! You know time is money, so if you can save some time that means you save some money also. If you are doing ad posting jobs then you must go for automatic ad posting software than any other Free Auto Posting Software, it’s safe you’re 65% of the time then your regular working time. You can able to post a free classified ad up to 45, usually in a manual way you cannot post more than 12 classified ads.

Some of the reason to use ad posting software:

  • You don’t need to make any copy paste while you’re registering for sign up into any classified websites. Sign up will be easy all right.
  • You don’t need to post ads manually. Just open your classified sites and click on post free ad button, and then the form will be filled automatically.You need to wait for 0.5 see to copy all data like ad title, ad description, ad owner name, email address, contact number , keyword, websites URL, meta tag, Facebook page, youtube video, image URL to upload and all other data.
  • You can sign up for any of website using this ads software.
  • Auto updates your ad mater and editing option.
  • HTML Update allow.

Ad Posting Software - How we save your time ?

What is Automatic Ad posting software? – “CYBER EXPO now offer automatic ad posting software for posting ad faster. First, you need to install it on your pc then active all your classified ads. Now you need to set a default classified ad for posting. The ad you set as default will be published on the Internet. easy and smart tech for posting thousand of ads in a day.

Type of Ad Posting Software!

We have two type of ad posting software one is Single Form filling software and another is multiform filling software. Single ad posting software cont work on background form filling software but very use full while you sing up for any websites or classified websites. Even you can use it to log into your most used websites like Google mail, yahoo answer,, quirk, etc.

Additionall the , Multiform filling software has more flexibility and more power to your for ad posting jobs. You can open 25-200 classified website at time and post your ads using background process. You just need to use URL opener and past all your classified sites list. Now activate your automatic ad posting software and set a default ad mater to post currently.

While you open all URL into URL opener the classified website form will be appeared into new windows and the form for advertising posting will be filled by a beep sound. As its working in multiple tab and able to work in background that’s why is called multi form filling software.

Multi Form filling software and automatic ad posting software are same.

Difference between Automatic Ad Posting Software and Form filling Software:

There is too many form filling software are available in market for form filling. My suggestion is use automatic ad posting software only if you are like post free classified ads. So why not to use only form filling software? the answer is simple automatic ad posting software gives you the power to post ad faster with background process, In the other hand it has lots of more feature to be useful as an ad posting software.

If you compare ad software and form filling software your will be discovered that the posting rate is too high on ads software. A professional can post almost 45 ads per hours including reporting. but using a form filling software can allow you only 20 classified adverting hardly.

Automatic Ad Posting Software and Form filling software which one is best?

For posting free classified ads you should choose automatic ad posting software, if you like to fill only form on web browser on multiple purpose i recommend you to goes for any other form filling software like Robo form.

How to use Automatic ad posting Software?

Ad posting Software software

If you are in a SEO field or doing classified advertising then it’s a Grate and time saving to use Automatic ad posting software. It’s a very simple just you need to create different profile for your ad mater. You may have multiple ad mater then create separate profile for each one.

Now put your ad mater Requirement filed into the profile. Make sure to add those recommend data into Automatic ad posting software profile.

Ad title, Ad Description, Secondary ad title , Short ad description , Contact Person, Contact Email Address , Contact Number , Contact Telephone Number , ZIP/PIN Code , Location , City , State , Meta Keyword , Meta Description, Company name, Company Dealings , Country , etc.

Now just set one of the Classified ads as a default profile and set preference active time as: 0.5 see.

Now its Browser time see the magic, Visit any of classified websites like OLX, Quikr , Loud Classified etc. and click on post free ad button . You will see that the classified websites asking to fill some filled for posting ad information’s. OMG a beep sound come from your computer and all the filed are filled automatically and you don’t need to do anything , even this function will work on multiple browser and you can filled up to 150 Classified form automatically within 0.5 see. (depending on your Internet bandwidth and PC Core time) Hence remember that this software will not filled the security verification or the anti-spam Question.

It’s a very easy and best way to post ad using Automatic ad posting software. Just open 20-50 classified websites in your browser and wait for some time while it’s loading properly. Now make sure all files are filled properly. Now it’s your turn type security code or anti-spam answers one by one and submits your classified ad or listing.

You can copy the posted ad URL for verification or reporting purpose.

Note if you are working on CYBER EXPO then you can download the blank Report sheet form here or you can send posting report one by one from your member area.

More Software like Automatic ad posting Software: 

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How use ad posting software for boost your ad posting Speed?

Additional Tools that has compatibility with  Automatic Ad Posting Software :

ID-100154585Enjoy Ad posting software for better ad posting Additionally you can go for ad posting money making package. Fill the power of almost 15 plus tool that’s can solved any of problem while doing ad posting jobs.

How to setup your Automatic Ad Posting Software for more time saving :

CYBER EXPO offer 10:30 am- 06:30 pm online help through live chat, phone support and remote access support. you can easily get all help to configure it for time saving.

Additionally you can use the following steps to post ad faster using any ads software from us.

Use C-Cleaner to clear cache data and get live version of any classified ads,

Use Auto email activator to activate your ads faster.

Use Classified websites list validate before starting work into any bulk websites list.

Validity for Automatic ad posting Software:

The Automatic ad posting software came with Lifelong validity. You can check more details on validity, Renewal and Pricing details by clicking here.

Feature of Automatic ad posting Software.

  1. You can post 35 to 45 ads in hours.
  2. You can send posting report easily.
  3. No more copy paste use automatic way.
  4. Save your time while posting classified ads.
  5. Faster result more earning.
  6. Enjoy your free time and let Automatic ad posting do work for you.
  7. Lifelong validity.
  8. Multiple ad switching.

How to buy Automatic ad posting Software?

It’s Cost only Rs- 500.00 INR | $ 8.00 USD

Check demo | Buy Now | Plan and Pricing

How to get Support on Automatic ad posting Software by Cyber Expo?

You can get the following support for Automatic ad posting software.

  • Live Chat Support
  • Phone Support
  • Remote desktop Support. (Team Viewer, Ammy admin.)

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Common FAQ for that Most of the user Asked us:

1. Sunil Phadke Asked: I am a little bit confused after reading and viewing the demo of the automatic ad posting software.  I just wanted to know that if I can use this software for other than cyber expo?  And secondly, what does it mean one two three …ad posting software.  Please note that at present I am doing ad posting job with another company.  Basically, it takes too much of time to post the ads.  I wanted to know if I can use this software for this?Will you please clarify?


Howdy, Thanks to lets us know your requirement. See you can use this software on any classified website whether you are working with CYBER EXPO or in some other company.
Our ad posting software is a semi-automated so it will help you to fill the form quickly (Ex- Ad – Title ad, description, email id etc) so your ad posting speed depends on your internet speed and PC performance as well as software handling. Hence as per our experience, you can able to post 25-35 ads on average.  let me know if you have any more doubt to clear. Thank You.

2. Ramarao Jb Asked: Hi, I had requested for information about the use of Automatic ad posting software provided by you. I got an email explaining the details of plans etc except my query that is AM I ALLOWED TO USE AUTOMATIC AD POSTING SOFTWARE(from you) IF I BUY ONE AND A ad posting jobs PLAN WHICH SUITS ME.  This is my specific question.Please clarify.

CYBER EXPO Reply: For sure, why not you can both use Our Automatic ad posting software and CYBER EXPo’s ad posting jobs at once. And again We have some Special offer for you –  [Get your hot deal here]

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