8 Best classified ad posting software for ad posting job

A lot of successful overachievers in the world have one thing in common, it’s classified ad posting. You may know some of them and still thinking about how they do it? There are so busy in their work and since they have no time to post ads they choice ad posting software. So today we are stating this article by sharing 8 best classified listing hack using classified ad posting software. Let get started-

List of 8 Best classified ad posting software for ad posting job:

 1. Automatic ad posting software by CYBER EXPO:

I was using this software for the last couple of years and the performance was awesome. The coolest software I have ever used. The biggest mistake of ad posting job is to find a software that works like a robot , people like to buy a software that works fully automatically and by uploading a classified site list they are expecting the published ad URL. Hence technically it’s not possible. So the best solution is to use semi-automated software. Its work manually and when it’s time to fill the listing page or classified advertising from its fill automatically.

How CYBER EXPO’s Semi-Automatic ad posting software works?

First you have to install it into your system, its only capability with Windows OS. Now you can create profiles, you might have to careful about Multiple profile while you are using a couple of ads and want them to be switched in a random time. Now set Auto Classified form filling time delay by Adjusting on auto fill time setting, you may set 0.5 second to up to 30 second. Now open any classified website and click on post free ad button. Now see the magic, as soon as your browser loaded with classified listing page all forms will be filled automatically. Unfortunately this software can’t fill security work (Because Software can’t use any rules over there) so after auto filling the entire form data you have to answer the security question for arriving the next step. Now click on submit button, and here you go, click on view your ads or look for dashboard/my listing page to retrieve your posted ads URL.

Interested? Let do it yourself! 🙂 

Here is a Demo for Semi-Automated classified ad posting software: 


Download Ad Posting Software

  2. Automatic craigslist ad software:

This software work best with craigslist, if you are looking for, post ads all over the craigslist page, they it’s perfect software for you. After installing this software you have to set it up will your craigslist username, password and all possible fields that supposed to be required for your listing. Hence sometime this software may block your craigslist ID due to spam, posting or due to break craigslist term of service. Still the result is good if you have a busy schedule.

Classified Ad Posting Software

3. Cl Ad Blaster:

This software has quite a big price of $99- $199, its only working in Craigslist , but the feature point is you can use 3 posting areas, that means you can work with 3 ad mater, If you want to keep your ads for a long period of time by auto renew your ads then you can buy a additionally tools called Cl Ad Blaster PREMIUM RENEWL, hence the concept and User friend of this software is very handy and ideal for small business promotion.

4. Craigslist Classified Ad Posting Utility:

Its package of utility that help you post ads faster on Craigslist. It’s not as popular as most of the users report their ads, spam rates increase up to 65%. Hence you can try a demo version of that software from here.

5. Adplotter.com-Post Ads on 100’s of Sites Quickly:

Adplotter.com allows you to post 100’s of classified site listing in within a few clicks. This is not a software, actually it’s an open source web base tool, you have to sing up with your design ads information to get started, they system will automatically post your ads in a few minutes on up to 100’s sites. You will be notified through SMS and email alert, try Adplotter.com in free from here-

6. Real Estate Ad Blaster:

This is a dream software for Real Estate agency, if you want to keep posting your Real Estate ads with auto renew you can use this Real Estate Ad Blaster. Try the demo here.

7. BackPage Ad Poster 2.0.

As like Craigslist you can use back page auto ad posting software, its work similar like Craigslist auto poster. You have to load this software with your ad mater and photo, now get started with your username and password for add auto listing in BackPage.

 8. LotVantage:

This software is powered with one more extra feature of social listing , you can post your ads not only in the local classified directory, but also you can use to post Craigslist and some of most popular social media sites. Let me know which one is your favourite? Also comment below to give us advice and how much you fill successful using this classified ad posting software. Additionally you can let me know about a new ad posting software that is not yet listed on the top.

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