How to get 10,000+ Clixsense referrals in a month From INDIA, US, UK, Canada (100% Working) is a great way to earn money for a PTC worker like you and me! If you research deeply then you are able to know than big earning with Clixsense is possible when you are using ultimate Clixsense strategy and Clixsense referrals.

Though there so lots of way like View ads, online survey or clixgrid to earn money from Clixsense but without Clixsense referrals you can’t earn big money like me!

We guess you have already a Clixsense account, if not so sign up from here right now.

Why are Clixsense referrals is important?

Think you have 10,000 referral under you, It’s also called downline network.

So, You will get all type of commission from your referral earning. In short, you earn money doing nothing.

Sign-up commission: if your referral earns $10 then you will get $1 commission while you are a standard member. If referral earns $5then you will get $2 commission while you are a premium.

See all 7 benefited of Clixsense Premium members.

Buying ads: if your referral buys ads on Clixsense you will earn unto $2 as a commission.

Premium Membership Upgrade: if your referral upgrades their standard account to Clixsense premium account then you will get $1-$2 commission. Also, Getting a Clixsense premium account will triple your referral earning.

How to get clixsense referral link?


We guess you have already a Clixsense account, if not so sign up from here right now. Now login to your dashboard and click on Affiliate to get your affiliate banner link. Alos you can your naked affiliate link like this –  from My Affiliate Link area.

Important Note: Be understood that on the Neobux strategy you can rent referral by paying money to them but here in Clixsense you can’t rent referral so don’t be confused to buy any Clixsense referrals over the web. So forgot about Clixsense rented referrals.

 So here is Quick, Tested 10 way to get 10,000+ Clixsense referrals in a month:

1. EasyHits4U:

as I already told you that you can’t buy Clixsense referrals directly from Clixsense so you can get register in EasyHits4U for free.

EasyHits4U is best placing to increases the number of visitor to your link, banner, and ads. In my old Clixsense reviews, I told about how you can buy traffic from google Adwords but as it’s so costly and Clixsense pay so less this why google Adwords not profitable in this case.

Also,  EasyHits4U allow buying a premium membership (get 5000 Signup bonus) where you get 500 credits, 2000 banner & 2500 text ad impressions every month. All the traffic is for a 15-second timer.

Alert: We are not sure about Clixsense policy about Traffic exchange sites. Do sign up into EasyHits4U at your own risk.

2. Paid Referral:

So you want to know how to buy referrals on Clixsense? Right! Why not search on google like this-


This way you can contact people blogger who has ranked well in the keyword “Clixsense Reviews”

Now directly drop an email to them for paid banner pricing.

3. Blog Commenting:

you can get direct referrals for free by committing the deferent type of make money blogs. Don’t forget to put your affiliate links so that blog reader can get refer under your Clixsense downline network.

4. Start a blog:

This idea always works, start a blog on Best PTC sites review, GPT, Make money online, free online jobs and start promoting Clixsense banner and affiliate link.

Don’t promote your affiliate link like a crazy instead make your blog as Clixsense referral builder with minim number to banner and links.

5. YouTube Video:

Do you love to make content for YouTube? So why not create some awesome YouTube video on the base of Clixsense earning and Clixsense earning hacks.

Now put your affiliate link into the description and start building getting direct referrals.


Build an awesome slideshare and upload in into Slideshare. Many bloggers use Slideshare as biggest thrif party legal traffic generator websites. Get backlink from Slideshare and start making money from Clixsense.

7. Facebook Page:

Build a facebook page/group on Clixsense and start promoting your Clixsense referrals links. Alos you can comment other Facebook page made by Clixsense fan.

8.URL shorter:

You can URL Shorten website like here you can get up to 5000-page view by paying only $5. Start promoting your PTC sites blog from today.

If you are using Google AdSense or other PPC Blog monitorization then don’t use any Shorten website like Google Adsense does not allow any paid traffic like this into your websites.

Does ClixSense rent or sell referrals?

Nope, ClixSense believes that buying or rent referral is bad practice so Clixsense does not allow any rent or sell referrals into their websites. But you can try Neobux rented referral from here.

If you are interested to know more about clixsense Click here.

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