ClixSense India: My $1000 Earning Experience -2018 ClixSense Success in India

An Ultimate Clixsense Reviews for India PTC sites earner. Learn the Hidden Secret that you can Use to Earn $100-$1000 from Clixsense Account. With PAYMENT PROOF. 

Clixsense Started in 2006, Since then, it has become a most popular PTC sites for online earning. The first time I used Clixsense in 2016. It’s an amazing experience of earning $150 simply spending 5 minutes jobs daily. No doubt I use few Clixsense strategy that most the people do not and no one will tell you on their blog.

So In this article, I am going to reveal the secrets of making from Clixsense:

I will let you know the practical way to earn $150-$1000.

I will make Clixsense India reviews so that my India brothers and sister can make money online.

So let’s get started… ????

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My Clixsense Reviews after earning $148.29:

Let’s say you want to earn $100 from Clixsense, As per my research you can earn 20+ way from Clixsense, but few of method from them pay you so less and few of method from them pay you a lot- So here a graph for you to understand the time management.


To be Honest I have to try to earn from all 20+ way from my soul but few of Clixsense strategy work for me. This is the biggest reason why most of the people thought Clixsense scam and quite working on this top PTC websites.

So my Clixsense reviews is 100% positive anyone can earn money by following my tested Clixsense strategy in real life.

Clixsense India Reviews: How to Sign Up and Make money?

Before you Continue reading let’s see this Clixsense payment proof:


First of all, use this unique downline network and Sign up in Clixsense here


(after you complete your sign up we will give you a Free E-books to each our referral)

A. List of Low payment task to Earn money with Clixsense India:

1.  View ads:

Clixsense ads are the easiest way to earn money. After you sign up in Clixsense you can see a View ads option. By clicking on this menu you will be able to see a lot of advertisement. Now below of each advertisement, you can see a time and amount to be paid if you view ads.

Choice the best-paying ads and click on it. Now you will be redirected to advertisement site and after the page is completed your account will be credited. View Sample ads here.

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2. Survey:


You can earn money by doing online survey jobs in Clixsense. In order to get survey offer, you have to first complete your profile. Now get a habit to login into your Clixsense account at list 1 time in the day and this is how you can see a lot of new survey with time and payment.

Now being an India is not a good enough from to earn money from an online survey. I have seen most of the survey jobs is for US and UK people and few of them for an international member like us. Hence you can earn $0.25-$0.50 by participating into Clixsense Survey jobs:

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3. Clixgrid:


Click to Win up to $10.00! There will be 30X20 picture with 600 blocks. Now click on any block of that picture and if you are luck then you can win a $10 bonus as a gift. The changes of winning the ClixGrid is 60 for a standard member while being a premium member will increases the change of 30. Best of luck.

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4. Offer:

after Clixsense signs in, you can see an offer page, here you can subscribe for a branch of service and get paid. This part of Clixsense earning merely not for India and require a credit card for subscription payment.

5. Task:

All task in Clixsense provides by CrowdFlower and you will be paid for each job you successfully complete. In short, it’s a GPT work here you will be paid for micro jobs. unfortunately from India most of the time the Clixsense task is empty.

6. Though ClixSenseResearch:

As like Clixsense Though ClixSenseResearch you can earn money. There is a war of clicks on PTC site. This is why Clixsense introduces ClixSenseResearch.

List of High payment task to Earn money with Clixsense India:

Now let’s talk about some of real Clixsense hack and tricks that I used to earn money quickly from Clixsense and I believe most People Does not Know About Clixsense PTC Earning

1.Create a blog on PTC sites and Promote Clixsense:


A blog is a great a place to learn new thing about any niche. So why not make a blog on PTC website, GPT, Neobux, and Clixsense. Focus on SEO and try to get organic traffic from Google. This way you can refer a lot of new people to Clixsense and earn real money.  As per my Clixsense research, I post a hot topic about Clixsense PTC site and all my Clixsense reviews are genuine. So people love to read my blog post and in return, I got lots of referral link. You can see my 85% of Clixsense earning is from my blog So are you interested?

2. Build Clixsense Downline Network:

Another big mistake that people do on Clixsense is to try to work along. So instead try to build Clixsense Downline Network and earn like a pro. Join our Clixsense Downline Network and let us help you to improve your overall earning.

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3. Sign Up for Premium:

Read my story how I get $12 as a bonus when I sign up for Clixsense premium account, You will get 500% more benefit after sign up for Clixsense premium account as I did.

You will earn X10 money when your Clixsense Downline Network earn.

You get an extra commission from your referral as they rich $5, $10 and $15.

Also, you get a commission as your referral earn a bonus, sign up for premium offer etc.


4. Use Clixsense Chat:

Clixsense is the first Truest PTC site where you can see chat option. So, make a good use of it and contact your refer and those who earn well, this way you can build a strong community and earn more by sharing and caring new tricks to each other.

5. Splash Pages:


Look at this appearance, use a specify code from Clixsense affiliate menu and used it as subpages into your blog, Facebook page or other social media and gain a huge referral.

How to Withdraw Payment From Clixsense in India?

Clixsense recently stops making payment to PayPal account(Sad) but instead you can withdraw your payment by creating an account on Payoneer, payza, Skrill, Neteller, paytoo and tango card to get paid. This is third party merchant when Clixsense will send your money. And from this merchant, you be credited to your bank account and enjoying withdrawing money from ATM. How awesome is that?

Few bonus tips to earn money from India with Clixsense account:

Comment on the blog.

YouTube Video.

Social Media Power.

Article submission.

Install Clixsense app for PC.

Answer Clixsense India Quora.

That’s is, for now, let me know How much this content help you to earn money? If you had a query from any part of Clixsense earning let me know by commenting below. Let me don’t forget to join Clixsense using our amazon downline network from here.

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