ClixSense Is Not A Scam – Earn $15 daily (Clixsense Payment in India)

So you read few nasty Clixsense complaints and think Clixsense is a scam. But is it really true that Clixsense is s scam? Well, stay with me with this post and I will give eye-opening Clixsense reviews that prove Clixsense is not a fake fraud business.

Let’s get started ????

What is Clixsense? Why it’s is more than a PTC sites?

In one of my previous post I have listed top 10 PTC sites list that you trust, Do you know why I give # Rank to the Clixsense? Here we go ????

  1. After working up to 40 legit PTC sites I found Clixsense has way more payment rates comparing to all other.
  2. Clixsense affiliate is awesome, you can see my Clixsense downline network and how I earn $160 in just 6 months.
  3. You can earn legit money by participating in clixgrid and play game module.
  4. Upgrade to Clixsense Premium and dramatically increase your earn up to 10X, See how I earn 10X earning after upgrading to Clixsense premium account.
  5. Bonus Earning, no other PTC sites give you up to $12 bonus in free, see here how I win this free bonus from Clixsense in free.



Why is Clixsense is not a scam?

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Clixsense listed as a Top 10 PTC sites: Clixsense and Neobux are the two PTC sites that worth my time. The payment was awesome and satisfying. After working for 1 year as a standard membership and 3 months as premium membership I have earned almost $200, No other PTC Jobs will ever pay you that much.

So you don’t believe right, see this video that clear all doubt about Clixsense scam.

Clixsense 1 tire country:

I am from India Clixsense Tier 2 country, your earning will be far better if you are from Clixsense Tier 1 country like below table.

Clixsense 1 tire country
 Australia, Mexico, Denmark,
Austria, Malaysia, China,
United Arab Emirates, Japan, Chile,
Switzerland, Italy, Canada,
Sweden, Israel, Brazil,
Spain, Ireland, Belgium,
South Korea, Hong Kong,  United Kingdom
Poland, Greece,  Thailand,
Norway, Germany,  South Africa,
Netherlands, France,  Singapore,
 and United States Finland,  Saudi Arabia,
 New Zealand,  Portugal,

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And again, Clixsense give a versatile opportunity to earn more like below-

Clixsense affiliate marketing:

You can promote Clixsense into your blog, facebook page or Google + and earn regular sign up the commission.

Clixsense referral bonus:

Your payment will just begin as soon as you start to refer someone. Think you have 25 people working under your downline network and they are earning 0.50 daily. So all of your downline networks are earning $12.5 in the day, not your turn is set back and relax as you will get up to $2 commission from their earning. How cool is that! Still, you are saying Clixsense scam?

Live chat:

did you see any PTC sites has live chat feature into their websites? Nope, I don’t think so. How awesome is that into your Clixsense account you can chat our entire downline network and solve your query with an expert.

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Clixsense payment proof:

Overall payment proof:


Commission from Clixsense:


Clixsense All withdraw in PayPal and Payoneer account:


How to earn $5 from legit Clixsense jobs?

You have 4 deferent ways to earn money from Clixsense such as-

  1. Earn by viewing ClixSense ads.
  2. Earn by taking the online survey.
  3. Earning from Clixgrid.
  4. And last but most efficiency Clixsense affiliate marketing.

We have reviewed all those Clixsense earning methods in brief with step by step guide in here. Go check out.

Now came to the point – How exactly you can earn $5 in the day.

The answer is by- building a strong downline network with more than 1000+ referral joining into Clixsense.

Yes, there is so another way except building a downline network with referral income.

Don’t worry about this big target as we have already written a guide to get 1000 referral from Clixsense.

Why there are so many Clixsense complaints on the internet?

Many of you guys asked is Clixsense legit? Then why there so many complete- I guess it’s due to lack of knowledge to handle PTC jobs. Few people think PTC job is like earning money without any strategy. But the real thing is you need a solid Clixsense strategy to make success happen.

They failed to earn from Clixsense and get frustrated. This is why few people putting nasty Clixsense complaints on the web.

Another thing I have notice that- Clixsense does not support rented referral like Neobux this may be a reason for thinking Clixsense scam.

And again in PTC jobs industry, there might be 100 of PTC websites are doing business (As starting a PTC sites business with PTC sites script is so easy) and only 5-10 PTC sites are be trusted.

This might be another reason to think whether Clixsense is a scam like those websites.

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Bottom line:

In conclusions after seen my Clixsense payment proof from deferent angel and my true review, you might understand Clixsense is 100% legitimate PTC sites to start a PTC jobs. In the meantime, if you have any more intended why not drop a comment and allow me to motivate about is Clixsense safe and trusted.

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