ClixSense Best Survey Profile for India- [Be Honest & Provide Truthful Information]

As per Clixsense mostly popular in India. No doubt Clixsense survey jobs providing a golden opportunity to earn extra money online from India. You probably know online survey jobs is the primary way to earn money from Clixsense.

So, Clixsense wants there researcher success with valuable information and an honest answer.

In short, you are being paid for honest answering. Again I said “honest answering”

Now, lets come to the point- A lot of clixsense member from India often asked me this type of Question-

“What is the Best ClixSense Survey Profile for India?”

“how to complete the clixsense surveys profile?”

“how to create a perfect profile in clixsense?”

So in this article, I will discuss everything about clixsense survey profile that you should know to earn money from Clixsense.

Believe or not! Recently my clixsense survey profile was Flagged f0r Possible inaccurate or incomplete information!

Today Afternoon When I log in to my Clixsesen account I find this Message –

So, Why ClixSense Flagged your Survey Profile for Possible inaccurate or incomplete information?

After reviewing your survey profile if clixsense team find that you are trying to providing any false information or try to trick clixsense with fake information to qualify for more survey then this type of Flagged may be happed to you.

So Why My Survey profile Flagged for Possible inaccurate or incomplete information?

What I Understand few people try to trick clixsense by providing fake information into there survey profile. Off-course I not one of them.

So what I did!

I Click on Review and Update Profile and Reverify my Survey Profile (1-21) again. (by the way, Its a Recommended that you keep updating your survey profile regularly.)

As I expected, Once I complete my review on profile update, Everything seems like normal.

The message goes and again I have the access to work on Clixsesen survey!

in order to know the reason why this happens to me, I have submitted a ticket to clixsense survey team-

Here are the Conversation-

Why surveys profile has been flagged? | 31 Aug 2018 05:19 am

Me: Hello, I got this message when I click on my Survey Profile. “Your surveys profile has been flagged for possible inaccurate or incomplete information and for that reason we need to verify a few things. ”

Honestly, all the Information I provide previously is correct.

Please let me know why this happens to me! Cloud you please let me know – As per Clixsense review which is the information you guys think as wrong information?

Let me justify myself!

Jim (From Clixsense): Hello, you claim to be the CEO of a company. In order to back up this claim we need more information about your company and your role.

Reopened by me: 

Clixsense survey profile issue and email reply screenshot

Replied by Joao
4 Sep 2018 02:43 pm

CEO was ok if you are the proprietorship of your business. All you had to do was complete the form asking for your job role, however self-employed is also more appropriate.

So, here we go! the survey profile issue was resolved!

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My Advice for Best ClixSense Survey Profile?

ClixSense Best Survey Profile for India- [Be Honest & Provide Truthful Information]

Always remember,

“Clixsense is smarter than you! Don’t try to full them. Always provide a valid and honest answer while updating your Clixsesen survey profile.”


“It’s not about getting more survey into your clixsense account, it about keeps the balance between researcher success and you’re earning.

Think! if you keep providing wrong information to the researcher (who offer survey opportunity via clixsense) then the researcher will not able to get real market research data.

No researcher wants to pay for wrong data right!

So, in order to maintain the quality of the Clixsense environment, you must have to provide legitimate information and honest answer.

if any survey does not feet you! then don’t do it.

Don’t try to copy other survey profile, there is a few Youtube Video and Blog post where you can find survey profile set up. Seriously all of them are sucks.

Remember, Clixsesen is very strict & may ban you permanently.

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