Clixsense vs NeoBux- Why I Love Clixsense – First $500 Earning Review

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After joining in Clixsense I have completed my first $28 earning and one of my friends told me that Neobux is an another good alternate way to earn money from PTC website as same like Clixsense. Well no doubt Clixsense is the world’s best PTC website (9 years old) so it was a big question for me that will neobux will work for me as a good alternate of Clixsense! Or it will do Shit? Only one way to find out , let join and see what happen!

So it has been passed 3 months since my earning is not so good in neobux. of course, it’s not a scam but the way I work and after seen my earning it’s not less a scam for me. Let me show you’re the reality of neobux that most of the people does not know. Here I compared the two PTC website across different categories on a 10-point scale.

How do I register in Neobux?

I have not face any problem while I register in neobux , it’s almost same as like sing up for a new account on Clixsense , I use this link to get new signup form and provide my username , password, and email address. Still, now its sounds good for me. But I have noticed a statistic below homepage that makes me shocked. Let’s have a look at this photo (I take a screenshot on 23th July 2016)

It’s clearly showing that how many people are registering per day and how much they pay to their member , as per my simple calculation its seems like each member can easily earn up to $10.51 but when I join to neobux it’s was deference story.

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How much I Earn from Neobux?

Unlike Clixsense neobux has no more feature like earning from taking an online survey , playing game or shop online , hence you can earn two-way from it 1. From viewing ads (payment $0.001) 2. From referring people (payment S0.015) let compare my earning with this two method.

How much can you earn from neobux if you are unable to refer people like me?

After registering my new account in neobux I got 15-20 ads per day and its take 5-10 minutes of time to view them all. Now let me tell you the sad part of it , after working 2 months I check my balance that by only view neobux ads I am able to earn only $0.125 (Rs-8.00) Useless right? Now see how much I earned when I start referring people to neobux.

How much you can earn if you have a blog like me by referring people!

So after wasting my time on neobux view ads and earn money election I thought why not give a try to refer people to it and let see how much I can earn with it. Again I field and waste my time and few important blog reader to such disgusting website. You can can’t refer as much you can. Neobux has a restriction to refer an unlimited friend. So after referring 10-20 friend my earning is not more than 20X S0.015= $0.300 , so what I going to buy with this small amount? At the end, I thought it’s a waste of my blog reputation.

Why I hate neobux and stop working on it? Is neobux cheat?

The only one reason that makes me a big hater of neobux is for the low payment. The traffic rank and business profit for Clixsense and neobux are close enough , Neo Bux earn a lot from their member are paid so less amount. On the other hand, by doing same effort I was manage to earn $28 in Clixsense , it’s way better than Neo Bux crazy less payment. So I recommend all my blog reader that not to waste your time on it instead give a try Clixsense. Make my earning on Clixsense as your inspiration to earn good part time income.

As usual most of my blog reader from India so I want to put an additional like that online money maker from India who are planning to give a try to neobux India, please change your mind and sign up far better PTC website Clixsense from here. I will give an opportunity to win free eBook on making money online idea. don’t forgot send me your comment and experience. Don’t Stucks do better.

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