5 Free Ad Posting Tools that you should use regularly!

5 Free Ad Posting Tools that you should use regularly!

Free Ad Posting Tools
5 Free Ad Posting Tools that you should use regularly!

By using Ad Posting tools you can boost your ad posting rates up to 15%. Almost 10,000 people are currently involving in ad posting tools. Some people doing this work smart way and some are still working on orthodox style. In this article we are going to discuss on 5 free ad posting tools that you should use regularly. After using below 5 free Tools people are now posting 7 extra ads in hour. That’s means you can post 56 classified ads in your 8 Hours work schedule and additionally you can save 1 hour in day. So let get started to introduced 5 free ad posting tools.\

Alexa Traffic Rank Checker Tools Bar:

Alexa is a web informer company. It has lots of feature to analysis a website data. It’s a second best web analytics after Google analytics. As Google analytics data are private there for Alexa is best alternate to analytics a website. We ad posting works can use this web informer to determine a classified website traffic details , Top keyword search and appearing, Best traffic country , Age and sex of the people as a regular user of that classified website. Download Alexa Toolbar now

404 Error Checker Tools:

look you have 40,000 classified websites list and 35% of them are not working by denied to post free ads. May be the reason should be 404 or Bad Request , Data base error , Bandwidth limited extend, page not found, internal error etc. No matter what reason is that but if you have a bulk 404 error checking tools then you can easily find the working classified websites list from thousands of classified database. In manual process its take 1 hours to check 100 classified websites, but if you are using 404 Error Checker Tools you can able to check 5,000 classified website in maximum 1 hours’ time. Think how much time we can save by using these free tools. Download 404 Error Checker Tools here.

Plagiarism Checking Ad Posting Tools:

Are you facing problem of Ads detection or ad reject due to duplicate ads or same ads. We have very simple solution for that. Before posting an ads let find our your ad’s text Plagiarism , use this Plagiarism Checking Ad Posting Tools to check whether there is one or more copy are already published on Internet or not? If you found that the classified ads that you are going to published are already published they you can review it. Get it now !

Anti-Spam 2014 by Google Chrome:

Think you are regularly posting 100- 150 ads in a day. Thousands of web spammer is waiting to get your email address. Within a few months you are start receiving tons of spam email. It’s so embarrassing , Stop those spam email in advance way by adding Anti-Spam 2014 by Google Chrome tools. Simple, easy and no set up required. Let install it from you’re Google Chrome Browser from here. Download Anti-Spam 2014 by Google Chrome here.

Mozilla thunderbird Ad Posting Tools:

One of my favourite email applications for sending and receiving your email instantly from your desktop. You can use your Gmail, yahoo or any other email account in mozilla thunderbird Ad Posting Tools. Only you just need a SMTP or POP3 Setup details. From below you can checkout standard SMTP and POP3 Setup details for Gmail and Yahoo! Let read it carefully-
Gmai: SMTP Server (Outgoing Messages)
Authentication: SSL
Port: 465
Gmai: POP3 Server (Incoming Messages)
Authentication: StartTLS
Port: 587
Yahoo!: SMTP Server (Outgoing Messages)
Authentication: SSL
Port: 465

Yahoo : POP3 Server (Incoming Messages)
Authentication: SSL
Port: 995
If having any issue to set up this two Email account to mozilla thunderbird  you can drop an email on [email protected] freeclassifiedwebsitelist.in or read what google say about it.
Let finish this post by asking your opinion on comment box! Let me know how much helpful its wood be for you. Did you have any more free ad posting tools that you want to share with our readers? Let comment below ↓   This Article was written by Rahul Bose from adpostjob4u.net Read CYBER EXPO – adpostjob4u.com Review and  Most Genuine Online Jobs Provider company details from his Blog.

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