Collect unlimited Free classified website lists from Google

Learn How to Collect unlimited Free classified website lists from Google?

Free classified website lists
Free classified website lists

Does Google is not so helpful to collect – Free classified websites list as per your requirement. Most of you search may be with the keyword like free classified website lists, India classified website or Free classified website lists without registration. But ultimately you can’t able to create your own classified database as per your need. So in this article I am going show your 5 Internet hack to collect unlimited number of classified websites list. The list will be shorted, according to your category, according to your city or country and more over any type of criteria. So let get started →

Collect Free classified website lists through CYBER EXPO Magic Classified collecting Tools:

Collect through CYBER EXPO Magic Classified collecting Tools

It’s an amazing tool you can use any custom text to search classified websites list as per your requirement. The magic part of this tool is, it’s comfortable both with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and you can extract classified websites list on text or .xls/.csv format. You can set search preference as 10 to 100 according to your internet bandwidth. I recommended you to goes to 100 searches that mean you can collect up to 100 classified with a single click. So if you used to spend 1 hour then you can easily grab up to 10000 free classified website. Here we offer a demo and plan pricing for magic classified collecting software.

Collect Free classified website lists through Google Search engine with Excel short Tools:

You might be able to collect few classified websites list from Google but the major problem is their will be lots of duplicate classified. So in manual process it almost impossible to filter it, So you can use excel short tools or conditional format to remove duplicate URL , if you are using Microsoft office 2007 or higher you can easily filer entire classified websites list using Remove duplicate tools.

For better understanding I add a step by step guide below:

Collected through Blog Search:

Collected through Blog Search

Did you missed to search Blog , Do you know some time Google search engine does not allow some less popular blog into their default search engine , so why not search for only Google blog. Whenever I fill disappointed with Google search I use to search in Google Blog and supposedly I got some usefully information. Few days back I get more that 40,000 classified websites in a blog. The blog has only there articled and one of those articles content that hug amount of classified database.

Collect through Google Custom Email alert:

if you looking for a ruler email update into your favorite classified websites them you can set up a custom email alert from Google Email Alert. Like suppose you are a fan of Free classified website list without registration or free classified websites list in Kolkata then you can set a weekly /daily email alert instantly. Every morning you can see the latest update from Google search on free classified website list and you can grab them with our hunting on Google Search engine.

Simple Purchase Free classified website lists CYBER EXPO Database:

One the easiest way is simple purchase our database collection. We have more than 10 classified websites list category and 100000 plus gross database. That’s enough for posting classified ads without any issue. Hence if you like to order of your choice database why not try our choice database plan from here.

Hope you enjoy my 5 tricks to collect unlimited free classified websites list, Let me know if you have any more idea to grab classified list? Want to suggest me something new? Let comment and chat!

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