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free classifieds websites list
classifieds websites

How much time did you search in Google for “free classifieds websites list?” most of the time you failed to find what you exactly need as a free classifieds websites , or some time you just redirected to some of the websites that content no relevant post as well as 100 -500 classified that most of the are not working. Isn’t boring that your search Google almost hundreds of times and found nothing relevant “for free classifieds websites list”

The only reason to write this article is to introduce face to face for ultimate free classifieds websites list to you J

In this article we are going explain about 

  1. What is free classified website list?
  2. Type of classified website.
  3. Which is best ad posting sites list in India?
  4. Top free classifieds websites list in India.
  5. An Ultimate classifieds websites list Auto update by human being in an every week J

So if are hungry about free classifieds website list then you are in right place now…

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Before we continue lets me explain what is classified sites?

Classified websites is Online Portal for Classified ad. It’s Exactly like Classified Newspaper adverting. But Newspaper is more effective and expensive also. As 99% of classified offer free listing of any advertisement, so people use to post and search local advertisement in popular classified websites.

Now classified website became an advertisement directory also for finding any of city base service. If you have no idea about how its work you can use to post an on OLX or Quikr , hope its impact your mind. some time we need collect bulk  free classifieds websites list in a sheet for better ad posting. 🙂

What is free classifieds websites list?

Having lots of classifieds websites listed in soft copy is addressed as classifieds website list. Here you can find lots of new think about classified websites and database

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How consider a classifieds websites list as A+ rating?

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Let’s Discus on Type of free classifieds websites:

Classifieds websites According to Registration:

Normally classifieds websites are two types according to registration rules.

  1. Classified websites without Registration: This type of classified websites is easy to post free ad. You need to just visit websites and click on post fee ad button. next you need to provide your ad data like – Ad title , ad description , contact person , contact number, email address , URL of the business sites, and other information as per.

For example – is popular classified sites where you can post ad without registration fees.  Here is the link to post an ad try now!!

Some More popular classified websites under having without Registration:

  1. B. Classifieds websites having Registration: This is quite difficult to post free ad as it required making register yourself.  Like first you need to visit this type of websites and after that either you have to click on post free ad button or directly fill the registration form post being a member.  There will be a logical get for each user by log in page. You must log in to post free ad. And if you are a new user then you will be a redirect for Sign up.

Like you know is a one of the most popular free classified advertising web sites for India Power by Cyber Expo, hence its high traffic websites but if you want to post free ad in then you need to log in or for new user its having Sign Up will be appeared. You can try it from here by click this link- Post free ad in

Some More popular classified websites under having Registration:
You can also post free ad by making yourself a register user. You can use this Log In details for first log in while making free ad post:

  • Username: EXPODEMO001
  • Password: EXPODEMO001

 Types of classifieds website According to Country:

Most of the classified website are from USA or India, that’s means the owner and the server are located in the same country. Before 5 year back most of the classified website is belonging to USA County only but now it’s going to more popular in India also, there for some other county like Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey has a lot of classified website too , they run from their home country server.

IP base Restriction on classifieds listing from one country to another:

Some classified websites has IP base restriction for adding any classified listing from another country. In that case if you public IP is not belong to home country server then you are not able to post your into that particular classified website.

Here is an example of IP base Restriction classified website:

Note: some of third party websites IP hiding service or Random IP to use, if you need to post ad on an IP base restricted website you can use them I have a guide here.

Types of classifieds website According to Page Rank:

Google ad Page rank for each website from 0- 10, the more your back linked properly by follow Google webmaster guide link you will get high page rank. Here I shorted some classified websites according to their page rank order. ← Page Rank – 5 ← Page Rank – 5

Types of classifieds website According to Alexa Rank:

Alexa is web informer company. Alexa provide a rank for an each website from 1- 2600000. As much as website is popular on internet Alexa rank will be down. Its depend on how many time a websites are visited by user having Alexa toolbar installed.

We can listed classified website into 3 type according to Alexa rank-

Alexa Rank from 1- 10000 ← Alexa Rank 6267 (21st March,2015) Post ad Now

Alexa Rank from 10000-100000 ←Alexa Rank 31792 (21st March, 2015) Post ad now

Alexa Rank from 100000 -100000 ←Alexa Rank 620,267 (21st March, 2015) Post ad Now

More than 100000 Alexa rank classified website are not considered as good traffic regularity. And page view per day is too low.

Types of classifieds website According to Script:

Every classified websites run on a base of web script, every web script has its own style and functional architecture design. So its look deference in every classified website. Here I shorted some classified websites with their script function and font end look.

Types of classifieds website According to Google Page Rank:

All websites have won page rank according Google search preference. Google Page rank is divided into page rank 0 to page rank 10.

As much as traffic are generated by Google search by a websites the page rank will be increase as per. ← Google Page Rank 7 ← Google Page Rank 7 ← Google Page Rank 6 ← Google Page Rank 6 ← Google Page Rank 5 ← Google Page Rank 5

 Which is best ad posting sites list in India?

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 Finally the magic part of this article:

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