PTC Jobs Sites: How I earn 30K money working online? No Investment

Back there PTC Jobs (pay to Click Jobs) means online micro jobs where you will be paid for clicking ads. But now PTC jobs mean a various way to make money online.

Such as –

  1. View ads and earn money.
  2. Paid Online Survey.
  3. Earning from Grid Click.
  4. Watch Video Online.
  5. Referral your friend to PTC websites.
  6. Winning contest. Etc

Before I talk more about PTC jobs sites and earning strategy, here are the few abbreviations that you must know.

  1. PTC – pay to Click.
  2. GPT- Get paid to read email.
  3. PPC-pay per Click.

What is PTC jobs?

PTC jobs is a free online job where you can earn dollar, bitcoin or euros by doing a simple task like viewing ads, taking the survey, playing the game, watching a video or by freeing more people into their program.

You have spent 5-10 minibus daily to earn money. But make sure to join trusted PTC sites (like Clixsense) in order to get payment online.

PTC jobs make you paid very less amount but using right strategy make worth your time.

How to get paid from PTC/GPT Jobs?

No matter from which part of the worlds you are from! You can’t receive dollar and bitcoin into your account directly.

Don’t worry you can create a free account in PayPal, Payoneer, skill or tango card account to get paid.

Most of the PTC jobs sites have their own term of minimum payout. So when you rich there minimum payout balance you can withdraw your money into PayPal and PayPal will send your money to bank account within 7 days. PayPal may charge you for this currency exchange service but who care?

Some of GPT Sites now paying in bitcoin, if you don’t know what is bitcoin then here is beginner guide for you.

Top 4 PTC Jobs to earn 25K per month:

1.  Clixsense PTC Jobs: (highest paying PTC sites ever)

When every anyone asked me about online jobs without any investment I advise them to join Clixsense. It’s one of oldest PTC jobs sites where you can earn decent earning.

Clixsense paid their member for viewing ads, taking an online survey, referring a new member to Clixsense. I have already written Clixsense reviews about my first $1000 earning experience and Clixsense strategy of my success.

Comparing to all PTC Jobs sites or GPT work Clixsense has maximum trusted ration and payment surety.

The best way to get paid quick money from Clixsense is to spading Clixsense referral link as much as possible. A member with 1000+ Clixsense referral can earn $50-100 downline commission each month. Here a complete guide to building 1000+ Clixsense referral link within a month, go check out.

2. Neobux PTC Jobs:

There is a big debate between internet marketer about Clixsense vs Neobux PTC Jobs. A lot of experts said that use right neobux strategy you can earn way more than Clixsense.

Here in the neobux working procedure as same as Clixsense except for neobux rented referrals. You can buy neobux rented referrals and earn easily $30-40 which is a stand along the feature of Neobux.

Hence you can also earn money by viewing ads, taking an online survey, and garbing offer.

Here are ultimate Neobux reviews that prove anyone can earn $600/month.

3. Inboxdollars:

There is three way that you could earn money from Inboxdollars.

  1. Watch TV.
  2. Taking Survey.
  3. Shopping Cash offer.

Inboxdollars is a highest paying PTC sites without investment. You will get $5 bonus while sign up.

4. Ojooo Wad:

You can earn money from ojooo wad by viewing ads, watching video and supper reward etc. As per user statistic ojooo wad has 1,185,347,106 register member in 2017 wich show the truest sign of this awesome PTC jobs sites.

Hope this article will fulfill all your need of PTC Jobs, Let us know which PTC sites are best according to you, don’t forgot to share your earning by commenting below.

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