Best PTC Sites:How I Earn $1260.64 from Top 40 PTC Jobs?(with Payment Proof)

PTC (Pay per Click jobs) is one of the most popular online jobs without any investment. Most think PTC jobs means only Clixsense and Neobux, but there are 40+ best PTC sites is available on the internet from where you can earn money inform of the dollar, pound or bitcoin.

So time to update you about 40 top PTC sites to make money online ????

So, what is a PTC site?


PTC sites are a micro jobs provider websites where you can get paid for doing a simple task. You can also call this as GPT (Get paid to work). Though it’s difficult to earn huge money from PTC sites but with proper strategy and using the referral link, you can earn surprising money.

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how to earn from best PTC sites?

Each PTC sites has their own dashboard to manage work. As per top PTC sites, reviews here are the few work that makes you paid.

View ads: Almost every Top PTC sites has view ads option. You have click on ads(5-10 see) and you will be paid 0.001-0.005 on each attempt.

Online Survey: PTC sites offer simple online survey where you can answer few question with Yes/No and check box. In short, you can earn money by sharing your opinion.

Play Game: some PTC websites allow you to pay game and earn money.

Referral link/afflatus marketing: almost each PTC sites allow you to refer a new friend and earn common from there earning.

How to get payment by doing online PTC jobs?


All PTC site has their minimum payment boundaries. As soon as your rich the minimum payment amount you can withdraw your money using PayPal, Payoneer, skrill, tango card or payza. The good thing is an international member can work here. In India, I have beep paid by Payoneer>ICICI bank.

After the cash-out request, it takes 3-5 business day to complete your transaction.

You can withdraw your payment in form of Doller, euros or bitcoin. After receiving money, you can use any CBS enable bank account to exchange your money as per your country exchange rates.

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List of 40 best PTC sites that really pay you.

1. ClixSense:


The reason to put ClixSense as #1 PTC sites is Payment. ClixSense is the highest paying PTC sites of 2017.It’s best legit PTC sites where you will be paid on time. And if you use right Clixsense strategy to promote Clixsense referral link into your blog you can easily earn up to $200/month. Also, you can build Clixsense downline network like me and earn commission from your referral earning.

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View Ads (Pay per Click) $0.001 to $0.02
Survey 1.5
Referral Click $0.0001 to $0.002
Upgrade Commissions $2.00 per upgraded direct referral
Signup Commissions $1.00 after referral earns a total of $10
Sales Commissions 10% up to $1.00 per purchase
Tasks Commissions 5% per completed task
Offers Commissions 5% per completed offer

I have been using Clixsense (Read my review) for 2 years and earn $1000 spending only 5 minutes in the day.

Even you can earn like me using my Clixsense strategy guide and spreading your Clixsense referral link over the web and blogs.

Sing Up to Clixsense from here.


2. NeoBux:

Neobox is another high paying PTC sites where you can earn money daily. The main advantage of Neobox is here you can use a rented referral to gain commission. Alos Neobox allows you to earn through view ads, Pay per click ads, survey and other micro tasks.

The sad part of Neobox is people miss judge Neobux as a scam without using right NeoBux strategy. You can’t earn satisfying earning without purchasing rented referral. Read my simple NeoBux strategy that paid me $600.

Sing Up to Neobux from here.

3. PrizeRebel:

PrizeRebel is one of the best PTC sites where you will be paid for doing paid online survey jobs. You can Redeem free cash into your eBay, visit and bitcoin account.

You can use a PrizeRebel referral link to introduce it to your friends and earn commission from their earning. It’s one the trusted PTC sites ever.

Join PrizeRebel from here ????

4. Paidverts:

Paidverts is one of the fastest growing PTC sites where you can earn money by viewing ads online. You can earn up to $10 on per view ads but you have to invest for that. If you invest $1 then you will get $1.20 in return. So you get 120% return profit.

Also, you will get 16 BAP (bonus Ads point) and you can work still to the 100BAP.

Many of people said Paidverts is a scam as you have to invest money to earn money. But I said money makes money, here is my Paidverts review that proves how I earn $10 on per click.

Sign Up to Paidverts ????

5. BuxP: (Alexa Rank:)

BuxP is a new generation of PTC websites. Here you can earn money not only by pay per click ads but also you can earn money by viewing Vimeo video, creating a downline network, promote ads, grabbing the offer.

It’s another Genuine PTC websites. The minimum cash out is $8 and you must have to view 150 ads in order to withdraw your amount.

Join BuxP Over here.

6. InboxDollar:

InboxDollar is one of oldest and trusted by millions of people. You can spend 10-15 minutes daily and earn up to $100 per month.

InboxDollar pay you various way, like-

  1. Watch TC
  2. Taking Survey
  3. Shopping with offer
  4. And referral people into their program.

Here is a Complete InboxDollar review to know the right strategy to make money.

Join InboxDollar right now.



There will be 4 type of membership in SCARLET CLICKS- Standard, Silver, Gold and Diamond. As a standard member, you can earn 40% commission from your referral earning. You can refer an unlimited number of people in this PTC sites. The minimum and maximum payout pay per click are $0.001-0.0001.

Join SCARLET CLICKS from here ????


GPT PLANET is another trusted PTC sites. Here you can earn from pay per click jobs, referral, and GPTgrid. The minimum payout is eye catching as you can withdraw your amount when you finished earning of $1.

And again this site paying for last 4 year, its take only 7 days to process the payment request.

Sign up to GPT PLANET.

8. BUXP:

There is serval way to earn from this trusted PTC sites. You can get paid by pay per click jobs, viewing as, watching the video, referral program, and browsing offer. If you talk about earning money then BUXP is an awesome way to earn free money.

Join BuxP.


This site has been online for 7 years. And paid there a member on time. As like other PTC sites here you can earn $0.015 – $0.001 on each view ads. The minimum cashout is $5 and AYUWAGE  accepts member from all over the worlds.

Start earning in AYUWAGE.


Instead of viewing ads there is no other way to make money with CLIXTEN. Hence this sites is paying their member over the year and as trusted PTC sites you can sign up here.

Register in CLIXTEN.

11. Clixblue:

Clixblue is another fastest growing online PTC sites. Here you can see they are putting a tag of getting some blue and online since last 4 year. You can earn money by viewing ads, referring friends through affiliate marketing and few more way same as other PTC jobs.

The design and appearance of Clixblue are awesome. And we hope  Clixblue would be a top rated PTC sites in future.

Register in CLIXTEN

12. MyPayingAds:

MyPayingAds is paying their member since 2005. Click here for more details or Register in CLIXTEN.

13. Clikerz:

The minimum cash out for Clikerz is $2.50 which is impressive. You will be paid both for viewing ads and refer your friends. Even you can use rented referral(Most of the PTC sites don’t have this feature) to make money quickly.

Get registered.

14. GoldenClix:

You can view 30 das daily and get paid 0.001 on each. Join here.

15. Freebitcoin:

This is India base PTC jobs where you can get free bitcoin. If you are an international member you can try with the same feature. Best websites for Free Bitcoin Faucet, Lottery, and Dice! Join now.

16. ojooo wad:

ojooo wad is another people PTC site like Clixsense. It’s more than PTC jobs, you can make money from ojooo wads by doing various micro jobs like watching the video, matomy, super rewards, minutes staff and much more. ojooo wad is well known for their great PPC payment that is $0.001 to $0.035. Don’t ignore to try ojooo wad right now.

Registered to oooh wad.

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17. SilverClix:

There is a big question running around the web whether SilverClix is legitimate or just another scam PTC websites. Alos we have seen the average traffic goes download day by day. So Try SilverClix at your own risk.

Join here.

18. Grandbux  :

After sign up in Grandbux, our earning experience is satisfying. Right now we say not to join Grandbux. Many people demand that after working hard Grandbux not paying them and change their rules day by day.

So join at your own risk and comment here if you found Grandbux as trusted PTC jobs. Do you want to join?

19. FamilyClix :

You can earn money by completing an online survey, viewing ads and refer people to their program. Hence few of review said this a scam website but people earning money from FamilyClix.

Be Registered

20. Cliquesteria:

You can earn money multiple ways like by viewing ads, refer friends and play the game. Be Registered.

21. Bitcoland:

It’s a BTC Faucet. But we are not yet sure about payment. So join after review it carefully. Subscribe.

22. MyFreeShares:

Get a MyFreeShares review from here and sign up from here. Be Registered.

23. MyPayingCryptoAds:

MyPayingCryptoAds paid their member over bit coin. You can sign up from here. Be Registered.

24. Clix4BTC:

Clix4BTC also paid their member as a form of bitcoin. You can earn 0.00001BTC per click. Register a free account from here.

Register Now.

25. FutureNet:

Sign up for FutureNet from here.

26. BTC Clicks:

BTC Clicks is one of the best PTC sites over the time. You can get paid by viewing ads. Here is the registration process for new members.

The process to Sign up

27. EasyHits4U:

EasyHits4U is useful wheelie you are working with Clixsense or Neobux. If you are using rented referral or want to earn good money from PTC sites then you can buy a membership from EasyHits4U. EasyHits4U also offer free plan with 20-second timer and Earn credits from your referrals on5 levels -10%–5%–3%–2%–1%

Let’s try free to sign up over here.

28. MyBitco :

You can sign up using your Bitcoin Address or XAPO Email. Here is sign up form.

29. DimondClix:

63967 Members already register in DimondClix. It’s your turn. The process to Sign up.

30. EldiBux:

You can earn money by completing the daily task. The process to Sign up

31. GuruClix:

GuruClix is a trusted PTC sites where you will be paid for viewing the ad and refer new people. More tan 10,000 people already start working here and few of them said it’s a 0.10 per click PTC sites in the world. (Not sure J) The process to Sign up

32. PlanetClix:

There is 4 way to earn money with PlanetClix.

You can view ads – $ 0.0002 to $ 0.02.

You can play PlanetGrid.

Earn by referring new people.

Participate in a contest.

This website already paid 17,570.55$ to their member, The process to Sign up.

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33. IsoBux:

IsoBux geographically filters all their ads. You can view 20 ads daily and get paid 0.01 on each click. You can withdraw your money on Payza, PerfectMoney account where the minimum payout is $5.

34. Freedogecoin:

Earn free dogecoin and transfer into them as a dollar. The process to Sign up.

35. Claim BTC:

It’s an another Free bitcoin faucet. The process to Sign up.

36. AdzBazar:

The best way to earn money from AdzBazar is to view ads. You can get your payment. You can withdraw your money using Perfect Money, Bitcoin, AlertPay or PayPal. The process to Sign up.

37. SuccessBux:

There is more than 25 way to earn money from SuccessBux. You as like other PTC jobs here you will be paid for viewing ads, refer friends, extra PTC ads, clixwall, and a memory wall. The process to Sign up.

38. LexiAdz:

LexiAdz is another best PTC sites where you can earn money by viewing ads, buying rented referral and participating on Lexigrid. Sign up here ????

39. Moon Bitcoin:

Moon Bitcoin is a free bitcoin faucet that worth your time. We recommend being sponsor using our referral link from below. Get more details:)


40. Scarlet-Clicks:

Scarlet-Clicks found on the internet on 2009, you will provide 70 ads to view every day and minimum payout is $2.

You can withdraw your money in Payza, Paypal, PerfectMoney account. Join here.

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So which is the best PTC sites according to you? Let’s write back to us by commenting your very own reviews. Alos let us know how we did in our Top 40 PTC websites reviews? Shall I Miss any great PTC websites? 

Don’t forget to share this article on facebook and google+. See you next time.

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